Why Choose Us?

  1. We have been a leading agent in Mission Beach for 10 years and we have a commanding market share of approximately 30%. There are currently seven real estate sales offices in Mission Beach.
  2. We recognise that sellers pay our fees and we endeavour to achieve the highest possible price for them on every sale.
  3. We have a very high level of repeat business.
  4. We have highly trained staff and a strong belief in sending our staff to as much training as possible.
  5. We have a great team and company culture. We have worked together for a long time and we genuinely click as a team. We share information freely.
  6. We constantly receive feedback from our clients who tell us that we have one of the best websites in our area and we attract more traffic through our site than other websites in our area.
  7. We pride ourselves in striving to produce the best photography possible in order to sell your property. Many purchasers have commented that this is what attracted them to our office and to the properties that they eventually purchased.
  8. We update our property guides daily and provide them free of charge to our customers and clients.
  9. We have a highly visible office in Mission Beach Village, which has a great street exposure and is adjacent to the Post Office. This results in us getting a large number of people visiting our office, purely because of our location.