Suburb Profiles

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Family Island Group

 Less than 4kms offshore, Dunk & the Family Group of islands make up Mission Beach’s aquatic playground.

The Family Group of Islands include Dunk, Bedarra, Timana, Wheeler, Coombe, Smith, Bowden and Hudson Islands. Dunk Island is situated 4 kilometres off the mainland coast from Mission Beach and is within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage site. Mission Beach, the gateway to the Family Island Group, provides access to the islands by water taxi, charter or private boat.

Island Camping
Camping is available on the rainforest clad Dunk and Coombe islands and Wheeler Island. Island transfers can be arranged to visit the island and walk the two popular walking tracks through the Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi, Mission Beach Charters or you can skipper your own boat from Mission Beach Boat Hire.

Dunk Island
Enjoy Dunk Island as nature intended with Coral Sea Kayaking. An easy and relaxing way to explore Dunk Island, away from the noise and bustle of motors, simply glide along the surface of the water and enjoy the views of the colourful corals and watch the turtles and rays swim past.

Dunk Island, a beautiful rainforest island with a stunning tropical environment is 6kms long and 2kms wide covering an area of about 1000 hectares. The tropical verge of Dunk Island is wonderful for cool rainforest walks of which there are many, and a climb to the summit at Mount Kootaloo, the highest point on the island, will reward you with stunning views. Three quarters of the island is national park and the shoreline and surrounding waters area designated marine park. Dunk Island is known for its tropical rainforest, sandy beaches, rocky shoreline and hilly terrain. The island is home to more than 90 bird species, mammals, reptiles and the stunning electric blue Ulysses butterfly, which is the island’s symbol.

Dunk Island Camping
Book through the Dunk Island website. Features of the Dunk Island Camp Ground:
  • 9 sites
  • 8 private sites with table & chairs for singles, couples or a family
  • 9th site is large and can take up to 20 people
  • $6.15 per night per adult or $24.60 for a family
  • Family group is 2 adults and 6 children under 18 years
  • Adults – over 18 years
  • There are hot showers, 2 gas BBQ’s, Drinking Water but no other supplies
  • No emergency contact – call 000
There are many options for getting to Dunk Island including water taxis, island charters, hire boats and more. 

Dunk Island Walking Tracks

Bookings for camping on Wheeler and Coombe Islands can be made on the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Services website.  Visitors can contact the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre on ph 07 4068 7099 to arrange a return day trip.

Due to damage caused by Cyclone Yasi in February 2011 - DUNK ISLAND RESORT IS CLOSED.

Visitors to Dunk Island are advised to consider the following:
  • There are no eateries
  • The Dunk Island Resort area is closed to all public access
  • Compliance with all directional and warning signage is required
  • Take drinking water and a mobile phone (Vodaphone has no reception)
  • Let someone know where you will be going and your expected return time
Please call the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre on 07 4068 7099 for further information or call in to the centre when you arrive. They are located on Porter Promenade in the Mission Beach Village.