Quality Assurance

We are very proud to advise our Quality Assurance system has been re-accredited for the next 12 months.

Our first Accreditation Gold Award was in 2006, and each year since then, we have been required to provide to First National, evidence of regular meetings, problem identification and constant review of evaluation by an independent Auditor. Upon re-accreditation we are authorized to display the Quality Assurance tick.

The benefits for our clients and customers is an assurance that we conduct ourselves the right way, the same way every time we do something. If in the event there is a problem, we review the circumstances and our actions to ensure it does not happen again. Quality Assurance is a training and review mechanism to ensure the best possible results for our clients. In the absence of the staff member our clients are accustomed to dealing with, they can be assured that other staff will conduct their business the same way.

We are also members of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and agree to abide by the Institute Code of Conduct.

It is with pride we display the tick, and we thank you for the opportunity of working with you regarding your real estate needs.
Quality Assurance