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Pool safety laws apply to ALL pools associated with domestic buildings, including houses, units, motels, hotels and backpacker hostels.  A summary of key points in the legislation is outlined below.
  • Fencing for all pools deeper than 300mm (including portable pools)
  • Self closing pool gates at all access points
  • 'Non-climbable' zone of at least 900mm established and maintainted around the entire pool barrier
  • Pool safety inspection certificate lasts for 2 years for a non shared pool, eg,. house, regardless of how many times it is re-leased or sold in this period
  • Certificate lasts for one year for shared pools, eg., hotel or apartment, regardless of sales or leasing volumes
  • Mandatory Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) signage - meeting current best practice standards 
  • Certificate of compliance required and mandatory safety inspections at point of sale and lease of all properties with a pool
For more information please visit the Department of Housing and Public Works website: