Prepare Your Property For Sale

Preparing your property for sale prior to putting on the market is an important first step in a sucessful campaign.  Remember, first impressions count, so help your home make the best one it can.

Here are some helpful ideas that could improve your sale price for very little effort and expense . . .
  • Wash the windows - one of the things we sell are the views from your property, but the effect is often ruined by dirty glass
  • Shampoo the carpet - it improves the look of the carpet immensely, makes them look newer and prevents the negative comment from a potential buyer, "we would have to replace the carpet"
  • Remove the clutter - unnecessary clutter often makes your property look smaller
  • Polish the refrigerator, dishwasher and other white goods with car polish - this removes any rust and gives them a newer appearance
  • Place foil plates in your stove cooking tops and place a sheet of foil at the base of your oven
  • Consider a paint touch-up if you have scratches or chips in paintwork
  • Check the guttering.  It's an easy point for buyers to spot and one to watch out for.  Make sure there are no leaves hanging over, no peeling paint or water staining.  And while you're at it, brush under the eaves for cobwebs
  • Make sure the garden is neat and tidy and the grass cut.
  • Fix any dripping taps
  • Replace any blown light bulbs
  • Make cupboards look bigger.  Neat, well ordered cupboards show the space is sufficient for the prospective buyer's needs
  • A bunch of flowers or pot plants for your "Open House Inspections" can help to brighten a room and improve the property's appearance