Tips For Home Renovators


  • Research what is required for renovation tasks and plan realistic timelines for each task.
  • Be realistic about the time you have committed to the renovation, the size of the job and your own skills to avoid burnout and expensive reworks.
  • Set aside time with partner / family / friends to ensure the renovation is not all consuming.
  • Make sure you don't use the renovation as an excuse not to be involved in other essential tasks, such as housework.
  • Don't expect or pressure family and friends to assist and if they do help, show your appreciation - a dinner or BBQ at the end of a long day may be a good start.
  • Ensure that your builder has a warranty insurance policy covering the building work.
  • Owners who propose building work are legally obliged to protect adjoining proeprty from potential damage from building work.  Contact your local council for further information.
  • Ensure you have appropriate workplace and public safety insurance policies in place.
  • Speak to your insurer or refer to your product disclosure statement to confirm your insurance cover during your renovations.
  • Ensure you take all reasonable precautions to secure your property during renovations.
  • Once your renovation is complete, update both your home building and contents insurance to reflect the value of your home and any new items you have purchased.
  • When undertaking renovations that expose your home to weather, ensure that any temporary measures to waterproof your home are adequate.
  • If undertaking work yourself, it is most important that you are aware of the potential risks invovled to yourself by use of powertools and handling of building products.